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After several interest rate rises in recent years more families than ever are struggling with mortgage stress and debt. Many families are juggling their finances and its easy to fall into arrears with your current lender while trying to manage cashflow. If you have cashflow problems it is worth speaking to your current lender about it to see if they can help. If they are not sympathetic to your needs then we might be able to find a solution for you.
We can discuss strategies to help you get on top of your arrears and get your finances back on track.


Managing Arrears 5 Tips to get you back on track

Tip #1  Keep your lender informed so they can discuss your options

Tip #2  Seek help early. Avoid going into default as Interest rates will be much higher.

Tip #3  Put a budget in place.

Tip #4  Reduce your outgoings by refinancing all expensive cards/loans into new mortgage

Tip #5  Tip #5 Switch your mortgage to Interest only to improve cashflow

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