First Home Buyer
We can arrange little or no deposit home loans. We can also help to find the lender who will lend the maximum loan amount to you based on your circumstances. Also, we can discuss how you can avoid or capitalize mortgage insurance depending on your financial position.
We have an extensive range of home loan calculators to give you an estimate on repayments and your maximum borrowing capacity. Here are some links to our most popular calculators:

  • How much can I borrow?

  • What will my repayments be ?

  • How much stamp duty will I be up for ?

  • Maximum Borrowing
    Although our maximum borrowing calculator will give you a good guide it is possible to maximise your borrowing limits further depending on the specific product you choose with a lender. Speak to us and we can discuss your borrowing needs.

    Arranging a Pre-approval in advance gives you many advantages. Firstly, you can have confidence to make an offer knowing you have a Pre-approved limit. Secondly you can get a step ahead on the competition knowing that your application is well advanced. It is also worthwhile as it is often important to the vendor and real estate agent that you are a genuine purchaser. Some lenders will give you a Pre-approval for 6 months giving you plenty of time for shopping.

    First Home Owner's grant
    If you would like to have the First Home Owners Grant available to use as part of your settlement funds then we will be happy to arrange this for you.

    Personal service
    As part of our service offering we will be there to assist you at each step of the way. You can call us anytime to discuss your application's progress. Our friendly mortgage brokers know that only by looking after you well can we hope to grow our business through referrals thanks to happy and satisfied clients. That's our aim !

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