First Home Buyer
We have experience in securing competitive commercial property loans for many of our clients. Whether you are looking to diversify your property porfolio or whether you are looking to secure new business premises - we can assist you.

As a general rule most lenders require a 30% deposit. For strong applicants we have secured commercial loans with 15% deposit with full financials. For Low Doc Commercial loans you generally need 25% deposit

Application fees

These tend to be much higher for commercial loans. Most lenders have 0.25% - 0.5% in application fees. From time to time though some lenders have $0 Application fee promotions.

Annual reviews

Commercial loans are different to residential lending in that it is often treated as a business relationship. Effectively this can mean that several lenders require an annual review to ensure you are managing and will continue to manage your loan to their satisfaction. Some lenders do not require this but usually a some interest rate premium applies.


Commercial loans are normally 15 year term usually with a first 5 year Interest Only option. Effectively this means that the loan will be paid off over a 10 year term unless otherwise agreed with the lender

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