First Home Buyer
For overseas Aussies looking to buy an investment or residential property back home, you have come to the right place. Many of our expatriate clients have been encouraged to buy property back in Oz while the Aussie dollar has been relatively low. Compared to property prices in New York and London, Sydney and Melbourne can still offer good value.
We have consultants who specialize in Expatriate mortgages. Call us to discuss your requirements. We can arrange an approval in principal allowing you to confidently put in an offer on a property. With our close links with the premier estate agents we can suggest agents who can help let out your property once your purchase is complete.

Generally as a rule of thumb Aussie Expatriates need only a 20% deposit to purchase a property in Australia, however do call to discuss it with us as lenders change their policies quite regularly.

To contact us from overseas you can call 61 + 413 617 617. Feel free to call us anytime. If we are not available immediately, please leave you name, number, and the country you are calling from and we'll call you straight back.

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